For more information regarding the medicinal use of marijuana under the Compassionate Care Act please visit the New York State Deparment of Health website.

Getting started is as easy as calling our office at 518 XXXXXXX to speak with one of our counselors.

What happens once I receive my certification in the mail?

What will the process look like?

Once you receive your certificate in the mail from New York State, you will bring the certificate to the dispensary where you will work with a pharmacist to decide which form of medical marijuana is right for you, either liquid or vapor. You will work directly with the dispensary and pharmacist if any change in strength or formulation is necessary.  You will be required to carry your certificate with you whenever you are using the marijuana. 

The doctor will conduct an interview and verify that you meet the criteria to qualify for medical marijuana.  We will ask you to bring documentation to your appointment and your records will be reviewed by a physician  If it is determined that you qualify, an official New York State certification form, which contains your ID number, will be filled out by the physician and given to you.  We will hand you instruction on how to go online and complete the application process.  Once you do this, New York State will send you a paper certificate in the mail, which should take less than a week.

Albany Medical Marijuana

Our trained counselors will take a brief history to make sure you have been diagnosed with one of the  qualifying conditions.  Once our counselor has verified that you could qualify for medical marijuana, you will be seen in our office by one of our physicians.  If you qualify to use medical marijuana, we will certify you.  For a list of qualifying conditions, click here.